Emma Lenderman


Emma is an aspiring YA novelist with two YA novels for sale in conjunction with Das Egg Productions and Foundry Media




After an embarrassing incident at the pool ends up being secretly recorded and spread around her high school, Lemon takes her new found and unexpected attention and capitalizes on it for all its worth by turning herself into an Instagram personality: a parody of the witty and quirky girl she has always been but no one has ever noticed.  As she begins to consume her new found fame, hoping to use it to work her way into Hot Freddy’s circle of Followers and ultimately win his heart, she begins to lose control of the character she has created and slips further down a road of sacrificing the true friends she had all along. Lemon is a hilarious and heartwarming story of a girl who takes a jump off the high dive and lands flat on her face.  When she comes to the surface again, she finally realizes that the validation she craved from others was nothing compared to the love she already had from the people who were with her from the beginning.


In the middle of their 10th grade year, Duck River High School requires each student to participate in a Sophomore Experience program as a last ditch effort by the school district to appear as though they are actually giving the students some tools to help them with the transition from adolescence to young adulthood.  While some kids get a week at Space Camp or somewhere else indoor and air conditioned, one group of eight girls gets assigned to a “Wilderness Exploration and Leadership Program” or WELP for short. The goal of WELP is to “promote team building and leadership through wilderness exploration and give young women the confidence to tackle life’s big challenges.”  For these city girls who have never so much as seen poison ivy, spending five days without cellphone service or a bathroom is no easy hike.  But that’s the least of their problems.  When their nature guide dies of a bee sting, and the girls must figure out how to work together to find their way out of the woods and deliver the corpse to safety with them, they learn that the social hierarchy and rules of high school simply don’t fly in the woods where anything and everything can and will go wild.